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Teamvinh Business Opportunity


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Type of Business: Hands-Off Automated Income System

Skill Level Needed: None

Income Potential: $1000 to $10, 000+ per month

Website: http:/

Recommended: Highly


Team Vinh is a one of a kind business.

Team Vinh has figured out a real and honest way to completely automate a well above average income for the average person. This means that you will NOT have to do anything other than join and have Team Vinh build your business for you!

You never need to do any recruiting, talking to anyone about anything or sell anything to anyone ever.

Team Vinh does all the work for you.

Team Vinh is a 100% legitimate business and has our highest recommendation. You will not find a better business opportunity anywhere else on or off the Internet – period.

Team Vinh itself is NOT an MLM business, it is a million times better!

With Team Vinh you:
Never need to recruit anyone – EVER!
Never need to talk to your friends and family – EVER!
Never need to talk to anyone about anything – EVER!
Never need to attend meetings – EVER!
Never need to advertise anything – EVER!
Don’t need to spend a lot of money.

How is all this possible?

It’s possible because Team Vinh does it ALL for you!

TeamVinh does all the advertising!
TeamVinh calls all the prospects!
TeamVinh completes all the sales!
TeamVinh is international with billions of potential customers!

TeamVinh is a very unique marketing company that will build an income producing business for you! This business is called "Savings Highway" of which you will be a business owner-member.

Team Vinh and Savings Highway are 2 sides of the same coin. Team Vinh is the marketing side and Savings Highway is the product side (where your monthly income comes from).

Team Vinh’s product is what they call a "V-PAK".

A V-PAK is commission generating PE or Personally Enrolled, downline member in Team Vinh’s carefully chosen network marketing (MLM) business called "Savings Highway". You will get 2 PEs to start with.

You’ll have full commission rights to these 2 PEs or Personally Enrolled members and it’s as if you had recruited these 2 members yourself, but instead, Team Vinh did the work of recruiting them for you.

Yes, this means that Team Vinh will do all the recruiting for you and for your entire downline!

The POWER of 2…

Those 2 PE (personally enrolled) members you will receive from the TeamVinh V-Paks will then buy 2 V-PAKs themselves placing 4 more paying members into your Savings Highway downline. Then those 4 new members will buy 2 V-PAKs each, then you’ll have 8 more members placed into your Savings Highway downline. Then those 8 new members will buy 2 V-PAKs each, then you’ll have 16 more members placed into your Savings Highway downline… then 32 more, then 64 more, then 128 more, then 256 more, then 512 more, then 1024 more, then 2048 more, then 4096 more and so on, eventually filling your entire downline… all starting with the 2 original members you received from the Team Vinh V-PAKs!

You get paid on EVERYONE in your 2X15 forced matrix, Savings Highway downline regardless of who their sponsor is. So, you really only need 2 PE members (the same 2 from your V-PAKs) to completely fill your Savings Highway downline matrix.

A full 2X15 matrix in Savings Highway pays out well over $100,000 per month and you are fully commission qualified to earn that with the same 2 from your V-PAKs sponsored members, unlike other companies that require dozens of personal referrals to obtain the highest possible company payouts.


Founding Members BONUS:


The first 50,000 members to join Team Vinh will be considered Founding Members and will get their share of 2% of Team Vinh’s company gross profits and have their monthly Team Vinh membership fee waived (normally $9.95 per month).


Steps to get started:

You sign up and register with Team Vinh International. This gets you all your relevant TeamVinh information, including access to the back office and your own secure & hosted Replicated Website Link (RL) among other items to be mentioned after official launch.

Next, you will sign up and engage with the qualified MLM vehicle Team Vinh is propelling for you, Savings Highway, fulfilling at least the minimum level of requirement with them to qualify for their commissions. Yes – you will be making commissions from both your affiliation with TeamVinh and their MLM vehicle as well.

Then you purchase 2 VPAKs to get the Team Vinh system to start working for you and empowering your TeamVinh International business.

This totals less than $418 that can potentially make you 6 figures per year, completely built for you.

That’s it.

Then you let the Team Vinh system professionally, automatically, and systematically work for you!


Everything you need to start making a huge income with TeamVinh will cost you less than $418, a true bargain when you take into account that absolutely everything will be done for you… and there’s no waiting months to get paid either…

Here’s the break down of the up-front and monthly costs involved in both Team Vinh & Savings Highway;

Marketing Company – Team Vinh International


Team Vinh Membership:

$39.97 first month then $9.95 (Founding Members do not pay Team Vinh monthly fees) per month thereafter

2 V-Paks minimum from Team Vinh

– (minimum 2) $99.95 each/ $199.90 total – Only need 2 / no monthly charges

Here’s the info on Savings Highway, the core product involved (Savings Club Membership) that is responsible for your monthly residual income:

Product Company – Savings Highway (Qualified 3rd Party MLM)

Savings Highway "Ultimate Membership"

– Required Enrollment Level
- $149.99 first month then $149.99 per month thereafter.

Annual Membership to Saving Highway

- $29.99 first month then billed once per year thereafter

Immediate Income

– (first month)
- $100 Fast-Start Bonus paid out on first month ($50 each member)
- Up to $10 or more in matrix income / depends on how fast your matrix is filled
- 2% profit share – Founding Members only

Residual Income

– (beyond first month)
- $100 Direct Sales commission ($50 each monthly from your 2 members)
- Matrix income paid per month ranging from $10 to $137,246 over time.
- 2% profit share – Founding Members only

Total Start Up and On-Going Costs

- $419 total up-front costs / minus $100.00 from fast-start bonus paid out the first month / minus any matrix income / minus 2% profit share – Founding Members only
- $149.00 per month costs – after first month / minus $100 direct sales commission / minus matrix income / minus 2% profit share – Founding Members only


We highly recommend Teamvinh International! Feel free to research company where you see fit. We have and we have not found one bad review.

For more information and to join Teamvinh follow this link: Http://



- Robert & Karla Green


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